Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Boy, do I like a lot of things this week!

Joshua Ferris. A few days ago The New Yorker published a story of his called  “The Valetudinarian,” which I may be a tad positively biased toward seeing as I heard him do the first half of it at a reading, but regardless, this story is worth checking out: funny and sad and kind of demented.  Though I still prefer his first New Yorker piece, “The Dinner Party,” which is similarly heartbreaking and hilarious.

David Malki (again). Steampunk jokes?  Mr. Malki, you are killing me.

“Hard to Live in the City,” Albert Hammond, Jr. Confession: I first heard this song on Gossip Girl.  But I didn’t rediscover –– and recall how much I loved  –– it until last week at writing camp, when my brilliant kabinmate played it on her iTunes.  What a great song!  The slight growl in Hammond’s vocals makes it feel as if New York sidewalk grit got onto the recording.

The Facebook group for advocates of a library-themed Ben & Jerry’s flavor. My vote goes to “Gooey Decimal System” –– though if we’re also considering literary flavors rather than strictly library ones, I’d like to suggest “The Grapes of Deliciousness,” “The Amazing Adventures of Caramel and Choc,” “Of Ice and Lemon,” and “Wuthering Bites.”

Zombie hip-hop. I am not that into zombies, generally –– not as much as Rachel, anyway –– but I simply cannot resist a group dressed in petticoats and breeches, jerking around like the hip undead.  Particularly if they are choreographed by Wade Robson:

Pop-jazz. Don’t ask me what the difference between “pop-jazz” and “jazz” is; I don’t know.  And I don’t care, really, as long as the genre keeps producing routines like the one Jeanine and Brandon did to Jordin Sparks’ addictive (if clearly derivative) “Battlefield”:

Jason from SYTYCD. In honor of Jason’s being kicked off, I offer the routine I should have mentioned here a few weeks ago, and the moment in time when Jason went from pinchable-cheeked innocent to Y-chromosomed young adult in the eyes of the voting public:

“Gravity,” Sara Bareilles. What is up, you must be asking, with the pop music, Heather?  You are regressing to your teenybopper roots.  To which I say, when did I ever stray that far from my teenybopper roots?  Furthermore, this song is quietly heartbreaking.


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