Harry Potter and the half-good film

All right, it was more than half-good. Far more than half-good, actually, but “half-good film” sounds better for a post title than “largely-good-but-with-some-questionable-decisions-later-on film”.

I went to the midnight screening of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince last night and I must say, I had a good time. It’s the funniest of the HP movies and the fastest-paced, though it didn’t feel choppy this time (I’m looking at you, Alfonso Cuarón). A good bit got cut or otherwise altered from the book –– in a few vignettes they add characters that weren’t present for that scene in the novel, and there’s one Christmastime showdown that Steve Kloves just made up –– but I felt okay with it, in a way I haven’t much with the other movies. I thoroughly enjoyed it. But then –– oh, but then –– the last ten minutes happened.

Why? Why do the HP directors insist on doing this, on cutting important bits from the end when they could just leave them in and make the movie an unnoticeable five minutes longer? The end of the book is always the most important part! Why would you alter anything from it? Especially the end of this one, what with Dumbledore taking a tumble from the Astronomy Tower. I want to see everything that happens at the end of this book, happen at the end of this movie. And that didn’t happen, it just didn’t.

I don’t know how I feel about this. I will have to see it again. I promised Mom I would see it with her, anyway.



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3 responses to “Harry Potter and the half-good film

  1. Rachel

    also I heard something about Ron’s house burning down? what is that even about

    • Heather

      that’s what I meant by “Christmas showdown.”

    • Heather

      but on the subject of Ron, he is so effing hilarious in this movie. like, the bit with the love potion makes you want to invent a remote control for in-theater movies so you can rewind and rewatch.

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