and away she went again

She went to see Away We Go this weekend.  Twice, because it was too funny and poignant and fulfilling to take in just once.  And by “she” I mean me.

I’m not writing any more than that because if I do, you will spend your time reading what I have to say instead of going to see it yourself, which is by far the better decision.



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3 responses to “and away she went again

  1. Batia

    Roger Ebert and I also have something in common: we both hail from Champaign-Urbana, Illinois. Also, I would recommend his blog, especially the non-review entries which range from sweet reminisces on his childhood to crazy ramblings about how everyone needs a rice cooker.

    Seriously though, read the rice cooker entry.

  2. Rachel

    a) batia is right, b) i wish i knew what this movie was/was about because you make it sound awesome.

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