Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Whenever T-Rex raps. From one bad(ass) rapper to another, T…

Best-of-Craigslist. Where else could I find an ad for a taxidermist who loves kung fu movies? How delightfully, bizarrely specific.

Kayla and Kupono. Onto the SYTYCD section of Super Great Stuff! Kayla and Kupono are one of my favorite couples; they are awesome every week, and especially powerful this week. I submit as proof this contemporary routine by Mia Michaels, where Kayla’s an addict and Kupono the addiction.

Wade Robson. Why is Wade Robson such a big deal in the dance world? Why was he choreographing tours for Britney Spears and NSync when he was 17? Ladies and gentlemen, because he does work like this.

Napoleon and Tabitha. Exhibits C and D re: their awesomeness –– a cute routine to Beyonce’s “Halo” and a radically uncute one to “Seven Nation Army.”

True Blood. I admit it looks like I watch a lot of TV, but really I have only been watching SYTYCD and this HBO program about vampires. Although perhaps a better summary would be “this HBO program about vampires, murder, the South, church, sex, romance, waitressing, and general weirdness.” (I mean, vamps and shapeshifters are fine, but… a minotaur?! You had to bring on a minotaur, HBO?)

“Another End of the Empire,” Tim Pratt. When I began reading this story it seemed like it would be one of the few Strange Horizons stories I don’t enjoy, but nope!  Another strange, hilarious, satirical short story.  A clever take on prophecies that may be found here.


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