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Question: why are we still talking about Michael Jackson??  Why is he all over our magazines and television sets?  I agree he was an excellent dancer –– the man invented the moonwalk, come on –– and a not-bad singer, though not as good a vocalist (I would argue) as a dancer and altogether performer.  But, in the wake of death, has everyone suddenly decided to brush aside the years of craziness and charges of child molestation?  I know it was a while back and he was cleared by the jury, but.  Am I the only one who looks at Michael Jackson and thinks of Jesus juice?  Am I the only person in the whole freaking country that thinks, hey, maybe we’re overdoing this whole thing?  That other people, more important people, die all the time?  Yesterday my mom’s favorite magazine arrived in the mail and almost the entire issue –– the Special Double Issue –– is about him, with both covers taken up by full-size photos of “MJ” (and no unrelated headlines, apart from a small perfunctory box about how Farrah Fawcett died the same day).  Mom’s been subscribing to this magazine for years and the last time it devoted an entire cover to a singular, headline-less image was for its Special Double Issue on Katrina.  Before that, 9/11.

I’m just saying.



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9 responses to “action jackson

  1. Peter

    Michael Jackson did not invent the moonwalk.

  2. Batia

    Actual quote from my father’s twitter feed (yes, really):
    “Michael Jackson: most unnatural performer. Major advances in robotics are needed to do any better”

    • Heather

      using Wikipedia against me! you scoundrel!

      okay, you win. the moonwalk was only popularized by Jackson, not invented.

      • Peter

        Would you believe that I didn’t learn it on wikipedia, and I knew about it years before his death? I just couldn’t find a link to the specific documentary I saw it on, and I figured that this will do.

  3. Heather

    i am impressed!

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