summer book club 09 continues

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Sorry that this blog has been so devoid of real posts! When push comes to shove – i.e. when I have very little free time and kind of want to spend all of it sleeping – I reveal my  true colors, and my true colors love making lists. Here is where I talk about books I have read/am reading!

The People of Paper, Salvador Plascencia. I don’t know if you missed the many, many previous statements I made in this blog about how fucking good this book is, but I will reiterate: it is very fucking good. If you like postmodernism or Latin American magical realism or metafiction, you will love this. You will also love this book if you enjoy being sad. Mr. Plascencia, you are up there with Jonathan Safran Foer for Authors Who Make Me Cry A Lot. I felt more okay about this with your book than with his, though.

Overqualified, Joey Comeau. I try not to talk too much on this blog about how super into Joey Comeau I am, because the internet is a small place and I know he spends a lot of time on it and I don’t want to have a restraining order filed against me in Canada. So, Mr. Comeau, if you do find this, let me just tell you that I am a huge fan, that the first writing of yours I found was “Tradition” and I loved it, and your latest reading tour was great, and I hope that new tattoo you’ve been trying to get works out. Also that Overqualified was really good. He’s been doing the Overqualified letters for I think a few years now – outrageous cover letters that he actually sends to the huge corporations they’re addressed to. But now he put them into a book! And added this haunting little running thread about his brother Adrian! As someone with a dumbass younger brother that I love very much, I can testify that it was very affecting.

Monkeys, Susan Minot. I didn’t dislike this, exactly; I think I might just say that I was underwhelmed. This is technically a novel, but it kind of reads as a 150-page short story. Does that make sense? Like, short stories and novels have distinctly different structures. Novels are usually an epic plot with a lot of themes and emotions that follow a variety of smaller subplots. Short stories usually stick to about one plot and about one theme, and at the very end it all ties together for an emotionally powerful experience. Monkeys worked in the latter way; like, at the end of the novel I was left with the same feeling as a good short story, I just had to read a lot longer for it to happen.

You Are Not The One, Vestal McIntyre. I actually got to see this guy read! That is always a neat thing when you are reading a book. In this case it was weird, because he does not remind me of his stories at all. This is a story collection largely about dysfunctional gay people (my favorite literary topic. I am not kidding.), and it is overall pretty nice. A lot of the stories were good without being great; they left me pretty unaffected overall. “Disability” is the exception; that one was great.

Coming attractions! Now is the Hour by Tom Spanbauer, The Brief and Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz, The Five Forty Five to Cannes by Tess Uriza Holthe, and whatever else I said I would read. Stay tuned! Stay in school! Stay safe!


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  1. Heather

    Rachel Rachel Rachel may i borrow Overqualified?

    also: hurrah for The 5:45 to Cannes!

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