Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

SYTYCD this week. Everyone was so amazing!  There was not one routine I disliked.  But I can’t link you to all of them, that would be ridiculous.  So, a select few: Philip and Jeanine do hip-hop, Kayla and Kupono do contemporary, Karla and Vitolio do the quickstep, and Caitlin and Jason jazz it up.

Seeing Rachel and the Photog! Visiting our friends: what a good idea!  Our friend the Photog has been off in Spain all year, studying and photographing, so we haven’t seen her at all, really, since last summer –– and, well, Rachel and I are on opposite schedules this summer, so we hadn’t seen in each other since school got out.  Sad.  But I got to catch lunch with them at Bertucci’s!  Guys, let’s do that again sometime.

Seeing the Doctor! Me and my friend the Doctor (not a real doctor; not yet) have gotten to the point in our lives, it seems, when we only see each other about once every six months, and yesterday was it.  So we baked a losing cake for the Threadless cake competition and hung out.  Shame she’s off to intern for the rest of the summer.  See you at Christmas, Doc.

Girl Talk’s Night Ripper. Particularly the bits when he samples old-school soft rock that normally I hate, like “Carry on my wayward so-ooo-on!” or “Oh, oh, it’s MAH-gic, you kno-oooo-ow!” or “Tell me lies, tell me sweet little liiiies.”

This picture of a hamster eating fancy pasta:

Hilarious in a hokey way, but I have to wonder: who makes miniature gourmet food for their pets?!

Mystery-Solving Teens. Oh, Kate Beaton, you have done it again.  And not even with history this time!

Gish Jen’s The Love Wife. I went into this expecting it to be good, since Gish Jen has a rep for excellence, but… wow.  I am wowed.  Not only was it literary and well-written, but it was also really enjoyable to read!  The characters were regular people, not hyperintellectual Sues (like in a certain other summer read), and they were 100% fleshed-out.  None of this Bella Swan, “my character is a blank slate so people can relate” shit.  Gish Jen gives her characters real quirks and thoughts and dialogue while still making them relatable.  She knows what’s up.



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2 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

  1. Rachel

    oh god this jazz thing is ridiculous

    • Heather

      so ridiculous!! but look at the way they move as a partnership, the way it really seems like she’s telekinetically making him jerk around like that…

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