top five: things Rachel wants to cook

Holy macaroni, Batman! It has been a long time since I wrote something. Sorry about that! Mostly I am spending my whole summer either driving to and from my job, working on my thesis, or wishing I was asleep. That does not leave much time for blogging. For the same reason, probably none of these things will get made anytime soon, or maybe not even this summer. But I want to make them so bad!

Bhel Puri. As is evidenced by the fact that I have a whole other freaking blog about it, I am pretty into Indian street food. It is not even hard to make! In theory! Except maybe tamarind juice will be hard to find, and also I will be forced to cement my reputation as the local White Girl Who Hangs Around The Indian Grocery Way Too Much.

Steamed Red Bean Buns. There are only a few ways to immediately make something more appetizing to me; one of them is stuffing the product at hand with a shit-ton of sweet red bean paste. Aside from how delicious these would be for eating, there is the added appeal of a recipe that is not too complicated, but entails new and exciting cooking methods that I am unfamiliar with – yeast! Steaming! Fucking finding red bean paste! Why did the only good Asian grocery near me just decide to relocate?

Curried Lentils and Sweet Potatoes. As Heather’s post from a few days earlier alludes, the weather here lately has been straight out of early March. Cold, rainy, blustery, disgusting. So even though it is technically June, I find myself wanting to eat warm, filling, slightly spicy foods. Also, I love lentils! I love sweet potatoes! I love currying things! Let’s all hug!

“Jolly Old Nob Cookies.” This is not Indian street food, but it does fall into the category of “attempting to recreate foods that I miss and that are only obtainable in India.” Let me tell you, young ‘uns, I’ve eaten many a Hob Nob Biscuit in my day. Sometimes with a Rs10 Cadbury Dairy Milk bar, sometimes straight up. That is a good biscuit, and I can’t wait to eat it again.

Blackberry Peach Cobbler. Unggggh so good

I have no idea when any of those things will happen! I have a little more free time tonight than I thought, so there is a chance I will take a stab at some brownie roll-out cookies, which have been pretty good in the past. Wish me luck!



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2 responses to “top five: things Rachel wants to cook

  1. Peter

    I’ll take that job! You can put red bean paste inside me.

  2. Heather

    hobnobs are so good! and those brownies sound like the best food since Toll House. we should get together in real life and eat some.

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