row row fight the meower

I started volunteering at an animal shelter, guys!  I have to get up at seven in the morning, something I cannot remember doing for a very long time –– somehow, through scheduling trickery and living in close proximity to anywhere I work, I do not think I’ve not gotten up at seven o’clock for a few years even –– but it’s worth it.  Today was my first day so I got apprenticed in cleaning cat cages.  Mostly it will be hard withstanding the whining; when you clean the cats in other cages will meow or push their bodies against the cage doors, hoping to be petted.  Some of those cats, while their own cages are being done up, will nudge or rub their heads against any part of you they can (your leg, elbow, hand carrying their food dish, whatever).  Then after you put them back in the cage and move to the next one, they meow again.  Forever.  The first cat I helped with, named after a Beatle, got so whiny he could’ve been named “Chris Carrabba.”  He had huge thumbs, separated from the other digits like on a human’s hand, and he kept sticking said thumbs through the bars to paw at me while meowing reproachfully.  It nearly killed me.  “You,” I told him, “are a troublemaker.”  But on the bright side, did I mention all the kittens?

The animals there are so impossibly cute that this job will probably break me.



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2 responses to “row row fight the meower

  1. Rachel

    what the fuck? where did this come from? we clearly are not talking enough

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