Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Music for robots. By which I mean music that causes me to dance like a robot, by which I mean most of the electronica genre.

Little kids. So so cute. Am I right? They keep coming into work with their customer parents and being totally adorable.

EW’s list of lame rom-com tropes. Stop with the high-powered media jobs and average guy/hot girl pairings, okay? Save that for sitcoms.

“I Was Meant for the Stage,” the Decemberists. Have I mentioned already how Super Great this is? The song can be read as either fictional or autobiographical. I tend to ascribe to the latter hypothesis, imagining Colin Meloy’s childhood as he sings, but I appreciate how he leaves you options.

Junot Díaz. Yes, the guy who wrote The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao –– I’m currently reading Drown, his collection of short stories. It’s as good as I hoped. Even when his protagonists are passive, he doesn’t weaken them (or the story) with self-pity or overthinking. Flashbacks serve a purpose! They drive the story and help construct a narrative arc! I could learn a lot from Junot Díaz. I should probably buy this book.

The Act of Love, Howard Jacobson. I’ll be honest: I was not too enthused about this novel when I began reading. The writing style just didn’t seem engrossing enough, not when Drown was next up in the library line. But after a few pages of “Well, I guess this is okay,” you will find you can’t put it down. Then you will stay up at all hours to keep reading it. You won’t know how Howard Jacobson has done such a thing. Perhaps because it’s all about sexual deviance and obsession? Perhaps, mildly, because he draws in-text literary comparisons all over the place and recognizing them makes you feel smarter?

Sonya Tayeh. Two reasons: she does the best jazz choreography I’ve ever seen –– maybe it’s just that I have a fondness for jerky motions in dance (which I do), but seriously, her routines always surprise how perfectly they fit the songs they’re set to –– and she rocks a haircut that would look atrocious on anyone else.

Disco.* Are you really that surprised?

*Skip to the 2:01 mark; before that’s not important.


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