a series of open letters

Thesis Pages: 20

Dear Cloud Cult,

I freaking love it when you make frenetic grunting sounds in the background of your songs, like in The Tornado Lessons. Seriously, it is really great. I wish you would do that all the time. Also, make another album.


Dear Salvador Plascencia,

Jesus Christ, your book is so fucking good. It is so good and so sad. I feel like you were probably sad when you wrote it; I’m sorry about that. You reminded me of Dave Eggers before I even looked at the title page and realized you were published by McSweeney’s; you have all the characteristics I like in him (self-conscious, brilliant, hard-hitting, unsparing of self in work) and a little bit less of the characteristics I don’t like (self-obsessed, painfully neurotic). I am around page 150 now and hope to read the rest of it soon, even though it makes me sad. Thank you for writing a great book.


Dear Katy Perry,

You are probably the worst thing to happen to music this year. Also last year, maybe; I can’t remember when I Kissed A Girl came out. I heard that song about Las Vegas on the radio the other day, and it sucked.  Please stop making music, forever.



Dear Butch Walker,

I admit that I downloaded your album pretty much only because I like your name. But I am enjoying it! Here Comes The Heartache is kind of a simplistic, pedantic breakup song, but it makes me all sigh-y and weepy in a way that most simplistic pedantic breakup songs don’t. Also, ATL is sad, in a nice way. Mostly I think you are pretty okay, except I wish you didn’t look like a douche in your wikipedia photo.





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2 responses to “a series of open letters

  1. Heather

    1. Yeah, “Waking Up in Vegas” gets stuck in my head whenever I hear it. So upsetting. (Though at least I can get away from it sometimes, unlike Flo-Rida’s “Right Round.” Ugh, what a bad song.)

    2. The Soldier and the Filmmaker were all about Butch Walker in high school. Weird! It doesn’t seem like you guys would listen to the same music, unless it were Rihanna.

    • Rachel

      It’s true that Butch Walker is a little bit country, but he’s also a little bit rock n’ roll. Also, his name is Butch Walker. I would probably change my name to Butch Walker if it wasn’t already taken.

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