Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

The Coolest House in the Neighborhood (Maybe the Galaxy).” Hilarious video by Those Aren’t Muskets! about the gender differences inherent in house-hunting.  It also includes jokes about outer space travel.  So: doubly hilarious!

Up. I don’t know if I enjoyed this quite much as I did Wall-E, but Disney/Pixar’s latest outing will cause your heart to break and then reheal itself from the film’s sweetness in the first ten minutes.

New Hampshire. Way to be, state number six!  Now you can finally join Massachusetts, Connecticut, Iowa, Vermont, Maine and The Sims among the elite for equality.

Having a job. Admittedly, my shifts are not full of the spine tingle one gets in the face of potential danger, nor the excitement of being in the midst of action.   But regardless, it is (as they say) a living, something a lot of people lack right now.  Thank you, employer!

My friend the Soldier and her family. I haven’t seen the Soldier in months; she lives in another time zone, but flew home for a few days, so I visited after work yesterday and stayed for dinner.  Her family always treats me like one of their own, entirely unsurprised at my presence and ever-friendly.  We watched a crappy hip-hop movie on MTV and ate chocolates.  Oh, just like old times!

My friend’s new baby. The last time I saw this friend –– who now, I suppose, must be called the Mother –– was at her wedding.  Before that, I can’t remember when we hung out last.  But I got an announcement email a few days ago and know that this friend will make the best, best, best mother.  She is one of those people who seem born for the job.  Congratulations, the Mother!


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  1. Peter

    That video was so upsetting to watch. Ugh lady, what is your problem! And you, guy! You are crazy!

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