truth in advertising

Thesis Pages: 9

A thing that I like to do sometimes is keep track of what Google tries to sell me in my Gmail window depending upon what emails I’m looking at. Like, when I email my friend Megan it has a strong tendency to advertise yarn and win-your-ex-back books; Meg and I really don’t talk about knitting all that often, and I haven’t tried to win an ex back in years, but that’s what Google thinks I need in my life. Sometimes I use my email account to store important information, just so I’m able to access it from any computer. Like lately I’ve had a copy of my thesis so far saved as an email draft, so that if I have a few minutes free at my job I can work on it. For the purposes of science and sharing, here are the ads that Google has put next to that email.


What does the internet try to sell you? I’m curious.


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