beauty like the night (or in space, the day)

Okay, I admit it: today I hung out with the Professor while she schooled me in Star Trek, as per my own request.  Between seeing Spock in heat, fighting Kirk to the death for a lady, and Kirk landing on a planet that shares the same name as the LGBTQ club at my school, we drove to a nearby cafe for some delicious poultry sandwiches involving cheese and spinach.  Such a good time!  Except for a few minutes, while the Professor was waiting for her order, I was totally that person who brings a notebook to the cafe and meticulously writes while blowing on her eccentrically-flavored tea (“chocolate mint truffle,” if the label was to be believed, though I am not sure said label delivered).  I shudder to think how pretentious I must have looked.

But regardless it was a great time.  My appreciation of William Shatner has reached new levels.  And tonight I went to the library, too.  So if you were thinking that I am nothing more than a lousy citizen who lets her mind rot from television in lieu of a mainstream print culture, take that.  Neil Postman, I’m looking at you.


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  1. Rachel

    tiberius would be a suckass first name, if by “suckass” you mean “fucking awesome.”

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