Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Being done with finals. Sorry I’ve been kinda AWOL this week, guys.  There were exams and papers everywhere I turned and I had to lock myself up in my room.  But now it’s over! So I can watch more of

Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. Let me preface this by saying I am not generally into anime.  Seriously.  Miyazaki is amazing, but everyone knows that.  The State, however ––who is into anime –– got me to see this show last week and now we cannot stop.  Themes: believing in yourself, giant robots fighting other giant robots, and dystopian government.  (Also, gratuitous boob shots that as a girl I am diametrically opposed to, but there’s actually an in-show dialogue about it in one episode, so that’s all right I guess.)

The NH Senate (but not the governor). Man up, John Lynch.

Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. This one’s a bit complicated: yes, I am a Chairite, but I am so incredibly sick of these two.  I wrote a paper about their relationship yesterday –– I don’t know why my teachers give me such free reign –– and turns out that from a historical perspective of gender, they are crazy complex.  Who knew.  (On a related note, did anyone see the new episode?  Because I legit got chills during the bar scene.)

The Mountain Goats. Stayed up last night, even though I was tired, to watch videos of them on Youtube.  “No Children” clinched it: I love John Darnielle.

Being able to say that I’m on Cracked now. Just a Topics page, sure.  But I still feel incrementally cooler today, all right?  All right.


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