very very much

Guys, Maine legalized same-sex marriage today! In honor of their acheivement, I am going to refrain from making mean-spirited jokes about how “all three of the people in Maine now share the same domestic partnership laws now!” Mostly I just really appreciate how even though Prop 8 seemed like (and was, obviously) kind of crushing and felt like a huge failure, its opposition seems to have provided enough momentum that the northeastern states are just lining up for the gay wedding-palooza.

Of course, it’s important to keep things in perspective. There are still 45 states that do not have this legislation in place; I am looking at you, New Hampshire, who is all like “oh golly but we already passed it in the State Senate, what more do you want from us?” In the spirit of both celebration and annoyance that so many people don’t have their shit together on this, here is a delightful little video that made me laugh out loud and also appreciate Lily Allen for the first time in my life.

[EDIT in case there remained any doubt in your mind as to how fucking gay we are here at heatherandrachel, I just realized I have had the RENT soundtrack playing the entire time I wrote this. Not even on purpose. Jesus Christ.]



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4 responses to “very very much

  1. Peter

    So: greatest video, or greatest fucking video ever?

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