Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

New Hampshire is close to becoming the fifth state in the Union to approve gay marriage!  That’ll make one-tenth of the U.S.!  Wooooo.

This XKCD. If you and I ever take a long road trip together, this is the game we will play in the car.

Weird Al Yankovic. I’d like to put forth the notion that his originals and polka remixes are just as good as his parodies.  Ladies and gentlemen, exhibit A: his 1999 masterpiece Running with Scissors.

This Wondermark. David Malki is hilarious and quirky and you should read him.

The Decemberists. We saw them live last weekend and I spent approximately 79% of their set not caring about how much I was burning in the sun.  (I left with a horrendous sunburn.  But Colin Meloy is like aural cocaine, or something.  It was impossible to turn away.)

Writing teachers. Seriously, the best ever.


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