thoughts I have thought today

Only 11:10! Score, I’ll have enough time for a leisurely sandwich before class and still check Cracked before I go!

11:45? Dammit. Class is in fifteen minutes and I have no bagel.

Good thing the bagel place has no line.

Aw, but wait. You have to eat this in class. You should’ve gotten butter. I mean, we all know you can’t eat bagels like they’re sandwiches, because they over-cream cheese the bagels here and it will bulge out everywhere and end up all over your face. It will be a distracting embarrassing mess. But if I put the halves asidde to eat like a real bagel then I’ll have to smooth out the cream cheese and it will be a whole production.

YES! Discussing the derivation of the historical concept of “sensibility”: FTW.

Is the girl behind me drawing her own comic? That is so boss.

Oh, economics.

I should buy new socks. Also, finish that comic. It’s been almost a month; get on that.

I’ll be the grapes fermented, bottled and served with the table set in my finest suit, like a perfect gentleman. I’ll be the fire escape that’s bolted to the ancient brick where you will sit and contemplate your day.

Blogging is an inherently narcissistic activity. Why should Rachel or I believe that people would be interested in reading about us? Does blogging make me a narcissist? What about the several hundred million other bloggers out there?

And you could say a similar thing about art. Why do we go see bands put on shows or read a writer’s stories or attend a painter’s exhibition? Not that blogging is an art.

Man, Bloc Party is awesome.

I wish Art Bechstein and Arthur Lecomte were real people, so we could all go to classy parties.

New personal mantra: never mix Pokemon and nakedness. (BACKSTORY: Our school has a dance recital each year in which the dancers wear only paint, in lieu of clothing, and the program included a Pokemon-themed number.)

Huh. That Pokemon number went way better than I thought.

BEDAZZLER! I always wanted a Bedazzler.


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One response to “thoughts I have thought today

  1. Peter

    We had that debate too. Think about youtube comments; all of the sudden, it is ok to share whatever you are thinking, whenever you want to. Couple that with a demand for instant gratification, and…

    That’s one of the reasons I am super reluctant to share what I compose. Why should it matter what I play? I’m sure y’all have hard major thirds before! That, and because art is wrong.

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