little bunny foo foo

Happy Easter! Slash middle of Passover!

I am home for the holidays; normally this is not super exciting. It mostly involves heckling the Food Network and then falling asleep on my dad’s couch. Sometimes I also go to the dentist. But! A major perk is that I get to hang out with my brother. Only a few of the activities we have pursued together only today:

  • trying to teach the cat to surf
  • performing an intense meta-analysis of Aesops’s lyrics (Life ain’t a bitch/she’s a beautiful woman/you only call her a bitch/cuz she won’t let you get that pussy)
  • watching a documentary about typeface
  • reliving favorite episodes of Metalocalypse
  • renting Superbad
  • yelling at Bobby Flay on the TV screen
  • making plans to go pick up tea paraphernalia at the mall tomorrow

We are incredibly badass. Here is an exchange we had on the way to the video store, post-Easter dinner:

Rachel (coughing, because she is sick): I ate way too much ham. I think I might actually start coughing up ham.

David: Like… hamballs?

Rachel: Yes. Hamballs.

David: I think that’s called vomiting.

Don’t worry, kids! I did not vomit. Easter was saved. I got some Canadian chocolate in the shape of a chicken. When I can ingest food again without feeling nauseous, I am going to eat it. Enjoy the holiday.



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2 responses to “little bunny foo foo

  1. Heather

    i am so glad you didn’t vomit!! i didn’t either, even though we had about seven different desserts.

    you should visit me this week, or i you, and we can eat some fruit salsa i made, because i make food dishes now. and possibly you could show me Metalocalypse, since i am way behind on the times? and i could show you Slumdog, since i have it on DVD now?

  2. Heather

    postscript: who’s Bobby Flay?

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