bringin’ seventies back

Yesterday after I left the Supercuts, having paid $15 for an unsatisfactory haircut, I tried to convince myself that the questionability of said hairstyle was due to the way the stylist moussed up my hair. (I am not a products gal.) But today, having showered all the mousse out of it, the facts remain: my hair needs a-fixin’. Right now, if I brush my bangs forward, I could pass for Velma from Scooby-Doo. If I brush them to the side, I resemble the dad from Swingtown (minus the sideburns… though perhaps I would look better with them, who knows?). So imagine if these people had a baby, and then throw some dangly earrings on it:

velma swingtown

Hell, maybe I should just start wearing bellbottoms and the color orange again.

[EDIT: I just saw the Yeah Yeah Yeahs on SNL, and Karen O totally has the Velmacut!! It’s more accurate than mine, but then, she’s a whole lot cooler than I. And speaking of people less cool than Karen O, why is Zac Efron hosting the show tonight?]


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