so I read today

and have now reinforced my mental list of Things Not to Blog About. Rachel (who is, as she notes, a crazy-responsible worker) has a point; though we are obviously fans of the blog, we are also sensible citizens with a mind towards viable careers. I Googled myself immediately after, to see what popped up, and it turns out I have a near-invisible presence on the Internet: something that I should be happy about, but instead I find myself worrying about all my Google-produced doppelgängers. So:

A List of People I Am Not

  • A woman from Florida who can’t quite spell and has plastered her Myspace profile with pictures of moths.
  • A Midwesterner who uses her blog to document “beauty and inspiration” like hand-knit flowers and naturally grown flowers. (Her site seems kind of nice, actually, it’s just not mine.)
  • Someone with neither two last names nor a Facebook profile published to search engines.
  • A research analyst (though I’d be willing to become one, if any employers are interested).
  • A mom, religious or otherwise.

A List of People I Am

  • A far more serious-minded person than this blog may have presented. (Despite appearances, my brain is not comprised of Things I Think Are Super Great.)
  • A hard worker. If you’re asked to do a job, why not do it well? What’s the point of not doing that?
  • A former moving professional (as in “I was paid to do such a thing,” not “I helped my friend move once”) who believes that, regardless of women being the “weaker sex,” manual labor jobs should not be limited to men.
  • A customer.
  • An assistant to customers.
  • A fastidious taskgoer. (See “hard worker” above.)
  • A creative-minded employee (though part of me dislikes the term “creative-minded,” as it has become a catch-all akin to the phrase “I have people skills.” Still, bosses and professors I’ve worked with would argue I am a creative person –– so “creative-minded” it is).
  • Someone who has worked a variety of jobs, from filing to packing storage to running a register to writing articles to rubbing lotion on strangers’ hands to delivering mail, and is thereby willing and unfazed to try whatever else an employer throws at her.

I hope that clears things up.


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