Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great

Acid Tongue, Jenny Lewis. On first listen, one of those albums I immediately wish I had the capacity to make, so I could have done it first.  On subsequent listens, still pretty great.  Have you heard the title track?  Because you should.

The O.C. When this show was on, I was hardcore obsessed with it, and this week I wrote a paper about it that reenergized my appreciation.  (I’d like to take this opportunity to apologize to all those unlucky friends/roommates who had to listen to me yammer about Seth Cohen all week.)

The reprise of “The Wanting Comes in Waves,” by the Decemberists. The original song is pretty good, but it has a second half that I don’t like as much; the reprise, however, takes the title-line refrain (aka the best part of the song) and just repeats it often.  It’s the aural equivalent of having on the menu a burger with no tomatoes or ketchup: exactly what I wanted, without even having to ask.

The inclusion of same-sex unions in the Merriam-Webster definition of marriage. Soooo exciting!!  Take that, Prop 8.

Christian Lander. The man behind of Stuff White People Like has done it again.  He has written yet another entry on something that I, a white girl, genuinely do like.  Also, sidenote, I met him once and he’s a really nice guy.
(ME:  “Um… you’re really cool.”   CHRISTIAN LANDER: **bursts out laughing so hard he has to step backwards** “No, I am such a nerd! But thank you!”)

President Obama. He signed a bill into law to form a committee on women’s issues (things like, you know, getting equal pay)!  Score!


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