be the tiger

You know how sometimes you do something you haven’t done in years, like roll down a hill or play Capture the Flag, and then you can’t remember why you stopped doing that in the first place?  Tonight that happened to me!  Except instead of rolling or flag-capturing, I punched a guy in the ribs.

I spent a decade of my life provoking barfights, you see.

No, that’s a lie.  The real story is that I spent a decade practicing for barfights, on the off-chance that some night I ran into a posse of inebriated scoundrels wearing trucker hats.  And then I got into stage crew and colleges and the rib-punching machine I should have been kind of fell by the wayside.  But now!  Now, I just started back up with karate.  Admittedly, a different style, but it feels really good to be practicing again, y’know?  I feel powerful.  Even, mabes, a little bit dangerous (?).  I’m not much good but I suspect this is because I got unused to the actual attack-and-defend mechanics of it.  All I need are a few more people to punch.  Which leads me to the question, any takers?


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  1. Peter

    Tell you what, I will let you punch me in the ribs if you buy me a trucker hat.

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