why do they all have to be so damn fluffy?!

Okay, so I know that having a weakness for adorable things (baby humans, baby animals, etc.) is a female stereotype we have tried hard to overcome by becoming lawyers, getting our Master’s and/or using non-gendered substitutes for the word woman.  I get that.  If one likes cute things then one will look ditzy, and who wants that?  Not us independent women.  If someone were to win me a teddy bear at a carnival, say, I would probs shove it in my closet, only tossing it on the bedspread when s/he came to visit.

But I just discovered Cute Overload thirty minutes ago and it’s already become a problem for me.  Seriously.  An evildoer would just have to chuck at me a photo of a hedgehog in a cereal bowl, or a baby hamster eating potato chips the circumference of its body, and I would fold like a T-shirt.


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