i have not seen slumdog millionaire

or any of the other movies up for anything in the Oscars this year. Also, I don’t care about the Oscars. So I spent last night trying to catch up on Restoration dramas by women playwrights before the year 1800, and was asleep by midnight. But! When I woke up today, I read Mason-Dixon’s liveblog coverage of the event anyways, because I think they are the two funniest ladies my mom’s age who are not my mom in the world. You don’t care about Mickey Rourke’s hairstyle? Me neither! Until I read about it there.

Speaking of liveblogging, I’d like to give you the latest update in our continuing coverage of How Rachel Feels About Her Haircut. Today, after taking a shower and subjecting it to Routine Styling: pretty okay.



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2 responses to “i have not seen slumdog millionaire

  1. Heather

    this weekend: Slumdog. WE MUST GO

  2. Heather

    (second that on Mickey Rourke… what was up with the sunglasses he wore through the entire ceremony?? not classy, dude)

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