Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great This Week

Mom complaining about Rush Limbaugh. “It’s like in Toy Story, with the aliens in that, that machine, and the Republicans are all, ‘The CLAAAAAAAAAW!'”

Pretty. Odd., Panic at the Disco. So with their sophomore album, PATD has ditched their old sound… in favor of neo-Beatlesque. It seems anathema to music, right? But I am actually embarrassed by how much I dig it.

Seeing seagulls when you’re miles from the sea. This happened today when I was walking home. It was nice in an indefinably comforting way.

Words that take “-i” as a plural. You know: octopi, hippopotami, uteri. When I set up this blog earlier this week, the original layout had a subheading that said, “Just another WordPress weblog,” and I was seriously tempted to change it so that, when the webpage came up, the header would read “Heather and Rachel Have Feelings (and uteri).”

Hellena, from Aphra Behn’s The Rover. A woman rebelling against her designated place in society by verbally sparring manwhores and taking charge of her own sexuality –– who doesn’t want that in their Restoration-era comedies? Certainly not I.

I swear I didn’t purposely choose five things so I could numerically match Rachel’s list. That would be too, too pathetic. Like my plans for the past twenty Valentine’s Days. And in fact, speaking of, I forgot one: this article from Cracked. (Normally I hate on V-Day, but Dan O’Brien makes a good point…)



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2 responses to “Stuff Heather Thinks is Super Great This Week

  1. rakincaid

    I feel like that highlights our effectiveness as a team. Like, separately, each of us only has one uterus, which does not sound awesome. But with our powers combined…

  2. Heather

    …we can create a lot of estrogen! wooo!

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