Hello! (or: Heather vs. The State)

I was going to write a short but grandiose, magnanimous, excited post about how cool this blog will hopefully be, and how you should read it because Rachel and I like to think we’re hip, but then the State, my roommate/Rachel’s boyfriend, got all up in arms because, as he says, “You stole my blog!!” Apparently, three days ago he and his friend decided to make a blog and write reviews. The State, I am sorry.

(But still, I feel this accusation is a little bit unjustified. Do Rachel or I plan on writing about transistors or artificial intelligence or amps? The most technological we will probably get on here is talking about the Internet [which, obviously, we have very positive feelings about]. At some point, there will be videos, possibly wacky ones. Or possibly a plain videoblog.)

Have an enjoyable evening/afternoon/morning, Internet! We will see you tomorrow.



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